just a guy who likes to create stuff, mostly software

Welcome to my website, I am an 20 year old tech enthusiast, passionate about open source, programming, entrepreneurship and design.

My undertakings

  • MARBS — an autoinstaller that sets up a minimalistic, keyboard driven, extendable meta-desktop environment on any Arch-based distros. Also making videos about it.
  • Hurlui — my answer to bloaty api clients.
  • [WIP] Memento — My biggest side project yet. Prepare for a blast.
  • Strona Agency — the company I Co—founded and Co—ran with Wojciech Zych for 2 years, specializing in engaging and unique websites for our clients.
  • Ex-Triona — full time software developer. Student exchange at TUM called though but I'll never forget the amazing time I spent there.
  • PartsKeeper — a computer store inventory managenment system that I built for IB CS internal assessment.
  • A couple of hackathon projects, that I might describe on my blog when I get some free time.

Contact me

Mail: mariusz at